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MoFE is a mind-bending experience that blends immersive theater with individually prescribed virtual reality dreams, tuned to your deepest hopes and fears. Ready to peer behind the curtain of your mind?

"Afterwards, as I walked back out into the bright, muggy New York evening, I felt equal parts amused, excited and unsettled, and I knew this wasn't like any other VR I'd seen." ⁠—TechCrunch

MoFE is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience blending immersive theater and personalized VR. In groups of six or fewer, you are guided through a 60-minute cerebral exploration that includes individual analysis, audio-visual stimulation, and dreamlike virtual reality curated to your individual psyche.

Advance through the four stages of MoFE under the guidance of a trained facilitator. Indulge in guided self-reflection or engage with your mystical guide. Let your mind wander as you bask in the rich soundscape and kaleidoscope of projection art. Surrender yourself to virtual reality dreams prescribed specifically for you. Leave your world behind to discover another.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to feel the rush of an out-of-body experience, the perspective shift of a psychological trip, or just the freshness of doing something totally different from anything you've ever experienced — you've come to the right place.

When you return to MoFE after your first session, we'll remember your prescription and the adventure will build from where you left it last. You'll never have the same experience twice.

MoFE is a limited engagement, running through the end of August. Reserve your tickets today. We can't wait to capture your imagination.


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What is MoFE?

The Museum of Future Experiences is a new class of entertainment company that crafts and distributes high-end immersive VR experiences at brick and mortar locations, opening in New York in Summer 2019 and eventually extending to other major US cities.

MoFE Partners

FLATSITTER   |   VR Artist

HYBRID MOVEMENT COMPANY   |   Projections and Design

PEP REAL ESTATE   |   Events & Pop-up Leases

How can I get in touch?

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